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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Ouch," said the Pouch

Pouches and diaphragms from the Skinner organ’s choir division begin a process of repair.  Photos are courtesy of technician Stephen Warner.

A pouchboard proper is photographed above.  Skinner-style valves, which do not have huge felt pads, will be used in the repair.  Note the top, where missing pouches represent the (once playable) upper twelve notes.

This is a photo of the pitman rail.  Once again, the super octave was taken out of commission; it was filled with dowels.  The paper packing of the pouchboard was also left unpunched. 

The primary pouches for the Dulciana borrow action are still original. 

The final photo is of two pouches off a pouchboard.  The dowel on the back is meant to hold the spring secure.  Though the springs are correct, Skinner pouches have a second disk with a hole in the center inside which the spring fits.

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