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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Friends of Music - Patrons for 2011-2012

The Friends of Music Series expresses gratitude to the following generous individuals for their financial support of the musical goings on and outreach of First Congregational Church during the 2011-2012 season.  If you have made a contribution and your name has been inadvertently omitted from the list of financial supporters, please accept our apologies and call 989.754.6565, or you may e-mail the Artistic Director, Nicholas Schmelter, n.schmelter.fccsaginaw@gmail.com.  Please be generous with your support of upcoming initiatives.

As of 2 May, 2012:

ANGELS ($1000+)
Mr. George Burrows IV (in memory of Lydia Burrows)

BENEFACTORS ($500-999)
Mr. and Mrs. James Kanitz

SPONSORS ($150-499)
Dr. Carl Angelo
Mr. L. Kenneth Bublitz
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Crane
Mrs. Max Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. David Homan
Mr. Harold Nadler
Mr. and Mrs. John Stark
Rev. and Mrs. Charles Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Tincknell
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wuepper

PATRONS ($50-149)
Anonymous (in honor of middle school music teachers)
Ms. Ruth Averill
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Becker (in memory of Thomas Fry)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Best
Ms. Sue Duncan (in memory of Robert Chandler)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eggers
Mrs. Ruth Enszer
Mrs. Helen Fry
Mr. Timothy Harris (in memory of George Harris)
Mrs. Enid Hausding
Ms. Nancy Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McCulloch
Mrs. Joan McGlaughlin (in memory of Thomas Fry)
Dr. James L. Mitchell
Mrs. Eleanor Olson
Mrs. Eleanor Olson (in memory of Betty Ostler)
Mr. and Mrs. William Ostler
Mr. and Mrs. William Ostler (in memory of Joey Prine)
Mr. John Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. James Royle (in honor of chorister Maxwell Royle)
Rev. William Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Thibaudeau

FRIENDS ($1-49)
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Block
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cline
Ms. Janet J. Crane
Mrs. Helen Fry (in memory of Betty Ostler)
Mrs. Helen Fry (in memory of Thomas Fry)
Mr. and Mrs. John Furlo
Mr. Peter Frantz
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gulliver
Mr. and Mrs. David Holmgren
Mrs. Dorothy Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. James Kaylor
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Konn
Ms. Suzanne Marvosh
Mrs. Dorothy Moll (in memory of Mary Williams)
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Murphy (in honor of all who protect our freedom)
Ms. Christine Nicewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Thibaudeau (in honor of Nicholas Schmelter and Angela Noah)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Stewart (in memory of Gary Copeland)
Ms. Beverly Westervelt
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wuepper (in honor of Dr. S. Egler and Nicholas Schmelter)
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wuepper (in memory of Joey Prine)

Please mail contributions to the First Congregational Church Friends of Music Series, 403 South Jefferson Avenue, Saginaw, MI 48607, and make checks payable to “First Congregational Church” with “Friends of Music Series” on the memo line.

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