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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beginning String Instrument Music Program - November 12

The Beginning String Instrument Music Program will host its fifth concert this year at 12:00 p.m. (noon), Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011, at historic First Congregational Church in Saginaw. The 100-piece beginner’s ensemble will perform in concert with guest artists Dr. Jamie Fiste, professor of Cello at CMU, and accompanied by Dr. Adrienne Wiley, professor of piano at CMU, both from the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The goal of the String Instrumental Music program is to develop a new generation of String players, ages 7-16, in the Region. Students are taught string instrument skills and encouraged to give back to their communities by performing a concert every eight weeks. The community supports the students with donations, attendance at concerts, and extending invitations for the students to perform.

“Less than a year ago, most of these students had never held a string instrument before,” says Lois Bright Wilkins, local cellist and program coordinator.

The program experienced a 40% growth in September 2011 from January 2011. The program recently expanded with a community outreach effort by bringing stringed instruments to Houghton Elementary School 21st century after school program. The enrollment in that string introductory program is 90. Although the program teaches string instruments to students inside the City of Saginaw, volunteers from the SBYO and neighboring High Schools in the region come to Saginaw to help students learn.

“The excitement that these students have shown us with this opportunity is amazing,” says Ruth Ann Robinson, music instructor at Bridgeport Baptist Academy and assistant Saginaw Bay Youth Orchestra (SBYO) director.

The Pulling Strings concert is open to the public. All donations will help support student need-based scholarships. Contributions designated for “A String Instrumental Program” can be made in care of Saginaw Community Foundation.

For more information about the program, its impact in our community, or registration please visit www.bwiainvestments.com or contact Deb Fields at (989)488-3425.

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