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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fourth Sunday in Lent - Thanks and Praise

to Bill Ostler. Bill Ostler played the horn in Paul Basler’s contemporary choral composition “Psalm 23 (from Songs of Faith)” on the Fourth Sunday in Lent.  Basler writes the following of Songs of Faith: “The piano and horn play very important roles in the work – they serve as equal counterparts to the choral ensemble; it is strongly suggested that they be allowed to ‘play out’ and not be thought of as simply accompanimental in nature.” 

to Beverly Westervelt. Beverly Westervelt played two excerpts from Telemann’s Sonata in A Minor [for oboe] at morning worship, April 3.

to Saginaw Brass Quintet.  The Saginaw Brass Quintet – staffed by members Don Belcher, Chris Harris, Bill Howard, Keith Kidder, and Bill Ostler – performed a program of American music on April 3 to an enthusiastic audience.  Donations received at the concert were generously contributed to the organ project at First Congregational Church.

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